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Vape Tongue

Ok, so you found a juice you LOVE and have been vaping it all day every day. All of a sudden you don’t taste the wonderful flavors anymore and its bland; just a blah vape. You switch to another liquid only to find it is just as bland. One of the many signs you have developed “vape tongue”. Some call it vaper’s tongue, others call it flavor fatigue; the result is one in the same; a bland, not good vape experience.

Before we get completely into that, let’s check the obvious: Have you checked your atomizer? Do your coils need replaced? Does your wick need replaced? If using a tank, have you cleaned and replaced your disposable atomizer? All of these things can mute your flavor and mimic the signs of vape tongue so once you have ruled these out as culprits it is time to start troubleshooting.

So what causes vape tongue? I asked one of the guys that works at West TN Vapors because I felt this is partly what had caused me to start up smoking again. I could not enjoy the experience. Between dehydration, not enough variety, and allergies (which I have developed since moving to TN in the first place) any of these could be the main culprits. There are other causes too, recently quitting smoking, poor oral hygiene and sometimes it happens just because we need to cleanse our palate.

Sometimes though, we don’t like variety. If you are like me, there aren’t a whole lot of flavors I am willing to vape. Let’s face it, there are many flavors that just don’t cut it after you’ve graduated from novice level and most of that can be attributed to the fact your senses are finally used to not having the thousands of chemicals bombarding them every time you smoke a cigarette. So what do you do?

First of all, find at least 2 or more juices you can tolerate. You have your favorite juice but you need more so you have some variety; anything to break the monotony of the same flavor hitting your tongue every few minutes. With these additional flavors, you need an extra tank, RDA, whatever your vaping need are for each flavor. This isn’t as much a necessity as it does make it MUCH easier when trying to switch flavors. Some flavors like chocolate, cinnamon and a few others do not leave the wick so if you have a dedicated delivery for each flavor you can save yourself some time and hassle not making yourself clean and re-wick constantly.

Second, drink plenty of water. Not only does this keep you hydrated (which promotes better overall health), it keeps your mouth moist and can keep your mouth clear of unwanted aftertastes. Also, vaping itself can dehydrate you. According to VaporFi the e-liquid will draw out the moisture each time you exhale. A general rule of thumb is to drink at least 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water a day.

Third and honestly the most important in my opinion is maintain good oral hygiene. Stick out your tongue. Is it pink? If not then go brush your tongue. Any type of leftover food or drink can create a film over your taste buds preventing you from tasting anything completely, and make for an unpleasant vape experience. Add Listerine or another minty mouthwash to your mouth cleaning regimen. I prefer Listerine but I know not everyone likes that burn, but the mouthwash will also clean out the film and other crap in your mouth especially in between brushing. Not to mention, if you have to spend a lot of money on dentist then that is less money you have to spend on vape supplies.

Have a cold or allergies? Really not much you can do about that except keep your nose clear. Our senses are designed to work together; if you can’t smell correctly then you can’t taste correctly. For allergies find a allergy medicine that works for you; for a cold then the 7-10 day wait might be your only option. If you don’t want to waste your favorite flavor, you can always go unflavored until you are better, which won’t matter because you can’t taste anything anyways.

If all else fails, smell some coffee grounds. This trick is used by many perfume shops (coffee beans at the perfume counter to clear out your senses) and will clear out your senses.

Vape tongue has plagued most of us at some point or another, the trick is to recognize it and deal with it quickly before becoming agitated or feeling like giving up. To be successful at vaping instead of smoking, you have to enjoy the experience; buying that mod or device you want, using the right juice, etc. When you stop enjoying it is when our brains start to mingle elsewhere and that cigarette seems like a better option. Just don’t give up! I have overcome the vape tongue and completely enjoy each inhale simply by following these rules.

Find any other tricks/tips that work for you? Comment below!!

As Always Keep Calm and Vape On!!



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Confessions of a Liquid Junkie

That is right. E-Liquid.  The stuff that keeps me and thousands of you from smoking.  Not a smoking cessation product, but a healthier alternative, right?  Yea, we all know the story.  Most of us defend our right to vape on a daily/weekly basis.  One thing I have noticed, there simply isn’t enough information about it.  What is vaping?  What is a mod? Where do I get E-Liquid/E-Juice?  These are questions I hear regularly so I have decided to start this informative blog (or whatever this turns out to be) and hopefully provide you with you, “the vaper”, whether new or experienced, information regarding the industry. I will be partnering with some local juice junkies and contacting some E-Liquid suppliers for information regarding products, mods, and more.

This is not your mom’s blog.

You may find information that you don’t agree with.  You may find you don’t necessarily agree with my views.  And that is ok.  If you’re a newbie, there is no such thing as a stupid question; If you’re experienced and willing to provide more information all is welcome.

I intend for this to become a sounding board.

So, get ready.