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So is Acetyl Propionyl in Five Pawns?

Ok.  So, let me first start by saying I really appreciate Five Pawns and Cloud9 for their swift responses.  To me, it shows that they care about customers and value opinions.  It is important to know what we are vaping; most of us have made the switch from analogs (regular cigarettes) to e-cigarettes and have done so because it IS a healthier alternative.  When I read that an e-liquid supplier that I use may include acetyl propionyl or diacetyl in their liquid, I became concerned.  My previous post  mentioned this some and I promised a follow-up.


So with that being said, here is what I received.  My first email went to Cloud9 and it read

There was a post at this link http://www.cloud9vaping.co.uk/Blog/Liquid-test-results that mentioned not so good results regarding the aforementioned e liquid supplier. Since the information on the link now is gone and I couldn’t really tell what that sentence was supposed to say, I was wondering if you could provide clarification as to why it was removed?

And here is the response I received:

Hi Nicole,

I am afraid our solicitor has advised we refrain from communicating any further on this matter.

I am really sorry – the information about our testing protocol is available on our site, but we’re unable to comment further at the moment.


That’s it.  So basically, what I gathered is they didn’t have sufficient information to back up the claims in the original post.  Obviously they were made to take it down, possibly due to legal action, but hey I can totally see that scenario here.

Now on to Five Pawns.

Message: I read some information recently that states that your e-liquid contains diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Could you please provide some insight on this?


And their reply:

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for contacting us. You can find our statement in regards to the false claims here:
They also included some contact information, but not sure if that is web shareable so I am going to leave that out.
They requested a cease and desist and appears they went above and beyond proving their methods and they do not include harsh additives but seem to make a special note about acetyl propionyl, and stating that it is also found in analogs.  Seems kinda lame, but hey, I don’t make e-liquid, and these guys seem to be pretty awesome at it.  They go further in mentioning they are launching a new line that will be AP/diacetyl free and also for people with PG sensitivity.  While that is all well and good is AP safe to vape?  That remains to be seen but I do believe Five Pawns has done their research and wouldn’t knowingly put a dangerous additive in the E-Liquid, whether it acts as a flavor enhancer or not.
Cloud9 may have had misinformed information, but Five Pawns contridicted themselves right from the get go stating first :
There is currently no standardized or approved methodology for testing e-liquids.
Then in the very next paragraph:
It is reckless and liable to post test results on products using a non-validated method.
So which is it?  Just because it isn’t the Five Pawns testing method, doesn’t mean it is non-validated.  With this falling right at the beginning of the report, it does make me question the rest of the information they listed.  I would like to see a 3rd party complete a test and post the results.  At this point, I think that would be the most logical and provide the end user with a non-biased result.
I would really love to hear more thoughts on this.  Leave your information below and lets keep this going to find out the truth!!