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Confessions of a Liquid Junkie

That is right. E-Liquid.  The stuff that keeps me and thousands of you from smoking.  Not a smoking cessation product, but a healthier alternative, right?  Yea, we all know the story.  Most of us defend our right to vape on a daily/weekly basis.  One thing I have noticed, there simply isn’t enough information about it.  What is vaping?  What is a mod? Where do I get E-Liquid/E-Juice?  These are questions I hear regularly so I have decided to start this informative blog (or whatever this turns out to be) and hopefully provide you with you, “the vaper”, whether new or experienced, information regarding the industry. I will be partnering with some local juice junkies and contacting some E-Liquid suppliers for information regarding products, mods, and more.

This is not your mom’s blog.

You may find information that you don’t agree with.  You may find you don’t necessarily agree with my views.  And that is ok.  If you’re a newbie, there is no such thing as a stupid question; If you’re experienced and willing to provide more information all is welcome.

I intend for this to become a sounding board.

So, get ready.