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You said what?

When I started this post, I recently read another blog post from Cloud 9 Vaping in regards to Five Pawns E-Liquid.  Now at the time, which this has only been a few days, the reading mentioned that SEVERAL of the liquids from Five Pawns included the additives diacetyl and acetyl propionyl.  (UPDATE:  The blog post has been removed due to legalitly issues???  I say that smells like bull. )  Now diacetyl is a flavor additive which was most commonly found in microwave popcorn and studies show it has been linked to cancer. You can read an article I found from Huffington Post here, and do your own research.  However, the suppliers I used for my e-liquid at the time made sure they provided as diacetyl free vape experience.

I did a bad thing.

That’s right guys, I smoked analogs (i.e. Pall Mall Menthol 100s) for several months and got out of the vape scene.  Things changed, vendors evolved, and hardware came a long way.

After a few months of bad taste buds, smelling like an ashtray and not being able to smell anything I decided to start back vaping.

Bought a mod, bought a tank, bought some juice.  I bought the Queenside from Five Pawns; it was a fantastic, gourmet vape.  Blood orange and cream, it provided fantastical feelings in my taste buds at each hit.  My issue with the liquid, and why I didn’t buy another bottle was that it gunked up my coil (within 3 days I switched from a sub ohm tank to a RDA) and I did not want to be rebuilding my coil every other day.

It was my original intention to talk about the findings Cloud 9 shared with the vape community.  I was amazed to read that a company that is as meticulous as Five Pawns would have ingredients, or additives, that are known to cause cancer.  The vape community receives enough flak as it is; the FDA and their claims they don’t know whether or not vaping is safe and others claiming marketing is geared towards children.

So I went to the Five Pawns website and have asked for more information and their thoughts on the additives that are supposedly in their liquid. Once I receive a reply, I will post, and also hope to see some comments from you guys in regards to this controversial subject.

~Keep Calm and Vape On!~