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How do I get started vaping?

So you want to start vaping.  You have heard all about this healthier alternative to nicotine consumption, and you ask yourself “How do I get started vaping?”  With e-liquid shops popping up everywhere in most major cities, a number of choices and juice flavors can be overwhelming.  Not to mention, some shops are simply just not very helpful.  So here are some quick tips on what to look for, what to avoid and who you can trust.

There is no perfect way to begin.  Everyone has their own style, their own flair.  Everyone has their own reason for smoking.  You need to identify that reason.  For me, I really enjoyed the throat hit and the feeling of smoking.  Some people just crave the habit, some people are simply social smokers and hate the smell.  Once you identify why you smoke, your experience will be much better overall.


Next, determine how much you smoke per day, and when those times are.  For some, they smoke all day, every chance they get; for others, there are certain triggers, i.e. driving, after eating, stress, etc…  Knowing how much you smoke will help you determine what strength you need for your juice and when you need to have your device handy.


Then determine your starter budget.  Know exactly what your limit is, and don’t go over it with your first purchase.  This is very important. If you aren’t careful, you could wind up spending way more money than you intended and likely upgrade to another device within a couple of months.  Go with a standard starter kit and some juice.  A reputable shop will not oversell you on things you don’t need when you are starting out, so don’t spend money on what you don’t even need yet.


Make the time to find your perfect juice.  Buying your first device isn’t going to be a 5-minute trip.  You need to set aside around an hour to give yourself time to learn how to use your device and know which flavor is going to be your new nicotine delivery.  Try everything, every flavor your shop has available.  You will not be successful quitting the nasty analog habit unless you can truly enjoy your vape.

The decision to stop smoking analog cigarrettes and switching to an electronic device is not an easy one.  The similarity is that they both provide nicotine and a “cloud”.    As with anything, the only time you will see success is when you put your mind to it!

Good luck on your new adventure!


Back and vaping

Vaping: So much controversy, so little time.

I started to blog, created several posts, many of which didn’t get posted, and then I stopped.  I am starting again though and now you guys are stuck with me!!

The problem I have had has been not enough time.  Being a student, a work at home mom, and everything else, it seems like there have been so many things I have been trying to do, but with no time to do them.

My solution, an Erin Condren Life Planner.

Oh yes, I am a stationery junkie also.  I cold go on and on for days on that.  In all seriousness though, it helps me get my stuff together.  It is a girly planner though, and the colors are pretty.

You can get $10 off your first one here if you’re interested!

So, I’ve tried some new juices, still vaping some old juices.  Will be buying a new mod, or APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) and give some insight on the ones I have tried the last couple of months.

So sit back, I’ve got some stuff coming today!!



Friday!! The Chaos Box and My Vape Shop trip!

So Friday, had to make a juice run.  While I have started to DIY most of my juice, there is something about Unicorn Milk that just makes my taste buds go crazy.  I have been visiting my friends at West TN Vapors a lot lately since they carry that juice in the store.  Not to mention, they are super helpful whenever anyone has a question. So while I didn’t leave with exactly what I started with, I did buy a new Atlantis Mega tank and some Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake juice that just makes me want Autumn to hurry and arrive.

The experience Friday, was awesome!  So, not only did I get to help a newbie vaper, I also got to meet the one of the guys from Chaos Box Mods.  Anyone who has talked to me recently about vaping knows I am ready, willing and anticipating my next mod purchase; an unregulated device.  While recently I have been eyeballing the new HexOhm that is soon to be released, once I saw this Chaos box, I was instantly hooked.  This is going to be epic.  While I haven’t purchased one yet, my birthday is only a couple of months away, I will be purchasing one soon.  I am still working on the reviews portion of the blog, and I promise, this will make the list.

From a window shopper standpoint thus far, the box looks great.  It has a sturdy design and when opened, very well put together.  There have been some unregulated box mods I have looked at and shyed away from, because I just fear that will end badly for my face, and I like my face. This is certainly not the impression I have gotten with this mod.  While offering a variety of colors, they also offer a series run and a parallel run (depending on preference) and from what I understand they will also do a custom build.

So, if you haven’t heard of them yet, and you are in the West TN area and want to see it up close, go into the shop at West TN Vapors.  They have some on hand and can give you the full rundown (because I know they have played with it by now) .

Until then, sit back, relax and wait for it… I promise, so much more is to come!!!

Keep Calm and Vape On!!